Hideaway Computer Desk Ideas To Save Your Space

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The Hideaway Computer Desk is a hand-crafted piece of furniture that will suit anyone who is looking for a piece of furniture that is both durable and chic. The Hideaway has a sleek design and fits in well with any office decor. It is worth mentioning that the Hideaway is quite heavy so you can’t just set it down next to any other items in your office. The reason being that the Hideaway will need to be put in a corner to fit well into its allotted space.

Hideaway Computer Desk Ideas To Save Your Space

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The Hideaway is made from walnut, and the legs are made from wine. This combined with the stunning maple and cherry finishes give this desk a beautiful feel. It is also quite solid thanks to the solid wood frame that the Hideaway sits on. The great thing about this deck is that it has the ability to fold up very easily. If you don’t want to have it sitting right up against your wall you can just roll it up. This really saves you some space in your office.

The Hideaway comes with several features that are helpful for both business and personal use. The leather wrapped handle, the storage drawer below the desk, a retractable keyboard tray, and removable legs all make the Hideaway an ideal piece of furniture for a desk. The Hideaway can be great for small offices or homes that have limited storage space. It’s extremely durable and will stand up to daily use for years to come.

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The Hideaway also comes with a variety of finishes that include oak, maple, and cherry. There are also a variety of hardwood types including wine, mahogany, and alder. The Hideaway Computer Desk comes in three different sizes, allowing you to get just the right desk that suits your needs. It has a powder-coated finish that can withstand daily wear and tear.

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