Easy Creative Bedroom Basement Ideas

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Your basement bedroom ideas are limitless. You can add a home theater, which will be the center of attention in any family gathering. Add a home bar with an outside counter to entertain friends and family or even yourself, with the kitchen located to the right of the home theater area.

Set the scene by using one wall of the room as a wardrobe. Now if you have a spare room in your home, you could use this room for your wardrobe. Also, in a small apartment, you may be able to convert the bottom bunk in your child’s room into a wardrobe. This will provide them with some protection from the rain while you entertain.

Easy Creative Bedroom Basement Ideas

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If you have a large space available for storage, consider opening up a closet for extra storage. You may also choose to utilize your ceiling for another storage area, though be sure not to open up your ceiling to the basement. This area is usually completely enclosed with plaster and insulation.

When designing your storage area, be sure to leave enough space for your items to be able to fit into their place. If you are planning on running a home bar, consider installing a sink and a refrigerator and make sure to have plenty of room for drinks as well. Also, consider lighting to ensure you can easily see from your items that you need.

If your area has a nice wide doorway, this could be the perfect solution for you. Place a door into the room for an entrance to the rest of the house. You can install the door into the wall or along the side of the room. You could also look into lighting the area. Add shelves around the perimeter of the room to hold your things such as a computer tower or a television set. Using items such as furniture that provides room for hanging lights and maybe curtains on the windows will provide a warm glow.

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If your basement is smaller than normal, consider adding high ceilings and creating a home theater area. Put in a speaker system, perhaps the same that is in your entertainment center and set up the screen to play movies on. Also, consider hiding cables or posters to avoid vandalism. Finally, it is important to remember that all of these ideas can help you have great storage for your items. Just be sure that you take into consideration the style of the room. Having a design in mind will ensure that you are able to create the ideal bedroom for you.

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