10 Sleek Attic Bathroom Design Inspiration

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The attic bathroom is a small bathroom, usually in the roof of the house, that can be easily installed in a vacant space in the attic. A bathroom in the attic is also referred to as an atticscape. This is due to the fact that most attics are found in houses and they usually look very small.

10 Sleek Attic Bathroom Design Inspiration

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Since the attic is not usually part of the house, a bathroom in this space can be easily located and built. This is a perfect space for you to have a bath or a shower in your attic. You can decorate it how you want, whether you will make it have a specific theme or go with a simpler style.

If you are going to build a bathroom in your attic, you must consider carefully where to put it and what size to get. You also need to figure out the budget because a bathroom in the attic can cost more than one in your main living room or kitchen.

There are a lot of small bathrooms available in the market that you can choose from. They come in small apartments, dorm rooms, apartment buildings, old buildings, etc. You can choose the best one that will fit your needs perfectly. You must also decide whether you are going to use a sink or a toilet in your small bathroom. If you want to save space, a toilet is the perfect choice.

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If you want to have a bath in your attic, you can choose from an air-con shower, a tub, a whirlpool tub, or even a Jacuzzi. You can get a shower enclosure that will help you save space. Or you can use an old mirror that can serve as a bench. You can also check the house design if it has proper space for a bathroom in the attic. Take into consideration the measurements of the space and also make sure that the equipment used is up to the standards.

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