21 Gorgeous Farmhouse Inspired Pantry Kitchen Makeover

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What could be better than a farmhouse kitchen? I know we are not moving, but my dad has been searching for something with a little more rustic charm to my home.

The detail in his house is so detailed that I’ve only been there on special occasions and for an afternoon, but it’s still quite exciting for me to look at. He also has some outdoor structures like a gazebo out back that reminds me of our childhood, and I wish my dad would take us to it more often!

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The good memories have yet to be born, though. So many of those good memories involve him setting up a breakfast bar. He has one that can be set on the floor, and then he has benches and eating tables attached.

And every morning he leads us into the kitchen and starts to make a meal, even if it’s just eggs and toast. It’s incredible what he does with that one large kitchen.

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One of the great things about having a farmhouse kitchen like that is that it has that basic stove, as well as a small grill so that you can cook different foods in your very own kitchen. I don’t think my dad would eat fresh fruits and vegetables anymore, but he can certainly get a nice salad made.

He really likes to use the grill, though. I do want to preserve a little bit of that rustic charm so we haven’t looked there yet. I have a few other ideas that I’m working on, but I don’t want to give it away yet.

It’s amazing that a farmhouse pantry kitchen can hold all of those appliances, too. There are a lot of easy ways to cook, especially since I live in an apartment.

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One of the things that Dad has been suggesting lately is to have an oven for apples. With the stove, cooker, griddle, and griddle pan, I think it would be hard to cook any other kind of fruit.

Pears are a lot easier to slice, though. We don’t use the griddle much, but the cooker is great for quick oven baked apples. They bake up nicely without getting overcooked.

Apples are great breakfast dishes, as well. I love them with a very simple muffin, but they’re great after work or when I want to eat breakfast.

I’m really excited about the possibilities in a great kitchen like that, and I hope someday to have it in my own home. I can dream, can’t I?

Please consider all this in 2020 as we enjoy our new farmhouse pantry kitchen! The pictures do not do it justice, but you will know that it’s a farmhouse kitchen once you see it for yourself.

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